Trivia Quiz of the Industrial Revolution
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Trivia Quiz of the Industrial Revolution

We are on the Industrial Revolution right now and I have found that sometimes it helps to add some non assessed learning. This site has trivia quizzes that can be used for fun but also covers information that students don't see in textbooks.

The site is called Fun Trivia. There are definitely more uses than just for Industrial Revolution.

- Creating Online History Quizzes
I have featured several online history themed quizzes on this blog. And that got me thinking, how hard would it be for me to create one? So, I went to and gave it a try. It did not go well. I was not sure what the best type of...

- Connecting The Industrial Revolution To Your Students
I love the post below from George Coe which talks about Crash Course joining Big History.  This video (one of ten they are making) is great as it really connects today's world to the Industrial Revolution.  For me this is important as I...

- Who Wants To Be A Cotton Millionaire
Studying the Industrial Revolution? Take your kids to the computer lab and launch this site and have them play this game. It allows them to evaluate the different factors that entrepreneurs had to make if they wanted to make money in the new cotton industry....

- Industrial Revolution In England
My colleague, Jeff Feinstein, sent me this really cool site about the industrial revolution in England. It includes three interactive journeys through the cotton industry. Learn about the life of a young mill worker in one, how cotton cloth was made...

- How Stuff Works
Hi everyone! I am a new poster here. A little about myself, I am a teacher in Nebraska, but moving to South Dakota. I love using technology in my classroom when it benefits students. I hope you all can take the ideas I post to some good use in your classroom!...

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