How Stuff Works
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How Stuff Works

Hi everyone! I am a new poster here. A little about myself, I am a teacher in Nebraska, but moving to South Dakota. I love using technology in my classroom when it benefits students. I hope you all can take the ideas I post to some good use in your classroom!

How Stuff Works

This site has a lot of great uses for history. The page linked has a video explanation of how the steam engine actually worked during the Industrial Revolution. For students that need to not just hear that a machine was used in history, seeing how it worked could make the difference in determining relevance.

- Mastery Learning Discussion And Examples
I believe watching my own children grow has helped to make me a better teacher.  For example my son is a very good gamer, but he is also very good at failing.  By that I mean he is willing to fail as many times as it takes to master a game...

- Carbon Dating
This is from a great site called How Stuff Works (if you use Discovery Streaming, most of their stuff is actually free on this site).  The above video comes via my across county team buddy Rebecca Small. ...

- If You Flip, Read This
Caitlin Tucker, a Google certified English teacher, in this excellent post suggests that flipping can be about more than videos. She also wishes that the conversation " focused more on what actually happens in a flipped classroom."  She thinks there...

- How Stuff Works
I love the free (and short) videos on "How Stuff Works."  Above is one on the Vikings and there are a ton more to help you in a history class here. Look for the labels at the top of the page for the types of films. ...

- More On The Flipped Classroom
Here's a s short clip in which a science teacher explains how he flipped his classroom. He offers a good explanation of how it works. Most flipped classrooms are in science and math but one school has flipped all core courses. The principal says...

World History