The Lascaux Cave
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The Lascaux Cave

The French Government has sponsored a phenomenal website which gives users a virtual tour of the Lascaux cave, including descriptions of each drawing, its importance and meaning, as well as individual breakdowns of specific parts of each drawing. A really cool site that students can explore individually or that you can look at as a class.
The Lascaux Cave

- Virtual Field Trips
I have done some work recently with SmarterSchools.com and their contact recently asked me if I had done any virtual field trips with my students.  Well yes. If you Google them, you can find lots of them.  For...

- Cave Art
This is a very interesting article that you might add to when you talk about cave art at the beginning of your World History I course.   What is most interesting is that it is about cave art found in Indonesia that is at least 39,000 years old and...

- Lascaux Cave
Here is another example of a virtual tour, this one to Lascaux, France where you can look at their infamous cave paintings - which are no longer open to the public (thankfully my parents dragged me there in high school).  ...

- Lascaux France Cave Drawings
I still remember, as a kid, going to Lascaux (which is now closed to the public), France which has some amazing cave paintings.  If you want to take your students on a virtual tour (as I did today), go here. ...

- Lascaux Cave In 3d
When we received our e-books this summer, I was glad to see that it included a link to the Lascaux cave website.  It literally blows the kids away when they see the pictures.  The video is done so well that if you are using a LCD, it will seem...

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