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Global Studies Test Archive - New York Regents

For years, social studies teachers in Virginia have felt like outcasts when it comes to getting released Standards of Learning exams. Until a year ago, the state had not released any social studies tests, but even now there is only one while other subjects like math and English have many.

For a rich source of SOL-like test items, check out the New York Regents test archive for Global History. The archive contains 20 tests going back over 10 years, with 50 multiple choice questions and 2 essay questions on each test.

Did you know that about 30% of questions on the history SOL exams contain some kind of graphic for the student to use to answer the question? The Regents test archive contains plenty of graphics-driven questions, including maps, charts, and political cartoons.

The Regents exam covers all of world history, so Virginia teachers will need to pick out questions dealing with their specific time periods.

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World History