Reminder on Videos
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Reminder on Videos

Just as a reminder, there are several tips posted on how to download and embed videos for instructional use.

How to download a video from Real Player

- Real Military Flix
I chanced upon a nice military history site. If you like military videos, this one should please you. It is Real Military Flix. It has war movies and military videos. This includes American basic training films, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam...

- Download Youtube Videos
If you have RealPlayer on your laptop, when you run your cursor over the top right side of a youtube video, a little line will appear asking if you want to download the video.  However if you do not then you need an alternative.  If you do not...

- How Stuff Works
I love the free (and short) videos on "How Stuff Works."  Above is one on the Vikings and there are a ton more to help you in a history class here. Look for the labels at the top of the page for the types of films. ...

- Cr-48 Google Cloud Computer
Initially I had hoped to have "won" a free one of the above laptops, but it will be my next one this summer (think Acer is going to produce it).  If you are a fan of Internet (cloud computing) only computing, it will be the perfect computer for...

- Bit Torrent
One of the fastest growing companies on the Internet is BitTorrent.  It allows you and others to download huge files very quickly.  This would allow your students, for example, to work on a video together that one of them uploaded onto say...

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