Proof of ancient Malaysian civilization found
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Proof of ancient Malaysian civilization found

There is an exciting bit of history news this morning out of Asia. The following is from a CNN article.

It notes:

Researchers with a Malaysian university said they have uncovered evidence of an iron industry that dates to the 3rd Century, A.D., and proves that ancient civilizations in Southeast Asia were more advanced than once thought.

The archaeologists from the Universiti Sains Malaysia found the remains of an iron smelting site, tools to pump oxygen into the iron smelting process, rooftops of buildings, beads and pots, said Mokhtar Saidan, a professor and leader of the team.

The professor said the discovery confirms that human civilization in the area was more advanced than thought and the site probably was a place for exporting iron in the 3rd Century.

I would like more details about this civilization. Obviously, more work will need to be done. However, this is a good start and hopefully the site being excavated will prove to produce a lot more archaeological treasure.

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