Official Home Page of the Texas Navy
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Official Home Page of the Texas Navy

Official Home Page of the Texas Navy Historical information and pictures of the three Texas Navies - the first two fighting in Texas' war with Mexico, the third being a modern association.

From the site:

In 1836 when Texas proclaimed its Independence from Mexico, the small nation was immediately faced with invasion, on land and sea by overwhelming forces from Mexico---a power having many times the population and naval and military resources of the infant Republic of Texas. The Army of Texas finally triumphed over its larger and much better equipped foe at San Jacinto but historians now agree that one of the most important elements in that great victory was the brief but furious maritime activity of the first Texas Navy.

The first Texas Navy, consisting of four hastily purchased and minimally equipped small sailing vessels head quartered at Galveston, prevented the Mexican government from landing a second army on the Texas coast -- an army which would have trapped General Sam Houston and his small command between immensely superior forces. During a series of lightening forays in the Gulf of Mexico, the audacious Texas ships INDEPENDENCE, BRUTUS, INVINCIBLE and LIBERTY kept the Mexican coast in an uproar and forced the much larger enemy navy to disperse its strength in order to protect its cities and shipping. The Texans thus prevented Mexican ships from supplying Santa Anna and in the process captured munitions which were then delivered to Houston's army and used to help win the victory at San Jacinto. Shortly after that triumph, the first Texas Navy was disbanded; its task completed.

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