New Domain for the World History Blog
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New Domain for the World History Blog

The new domain for the World History Blog is The old Blogspot domain will still work and should redirect to the new address. If you have links to the World History Blog on your blog or site, I would appreciate it if you would change the link to reflect this.

I probably should have done this long ago. However, the new Blogger Custom Domains makes the process painless and cheap in that I can still use Blogger, I do not need to transfer any files, and the service is free! All I had to do was buy the domain name and that was cheap.

Also, this blog has been losing most of the search engine traffic lately. As the number of incoming links from good history blogs and .edu sites continues to grow to the World History Blog, I believe it is not because this blog did anything wrong but that instead that Google, MSN, and Yahoo are filtering out or penalizing Blogspot addresses. This is probably because a recent study suggests that around 75% of Blogspot blogs are spam blogs (splogs). You can read the full study in PDF.

Plus, I plan on being around and posting to this blog for decades to come even if no one reads it. I might as well have my own domain and I think is the best one for me at this blog.

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