New Blogger! Free Historical Thinking Poster!
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New Blogger! Free Historical Thinking Poster!

Hello all! My name is Christopher Lee, and I am one of the new contributing bloggers here at World History Teachers Blog.

I figured I'd start my time here with something FREE!

"Free? Did someone say free?" So goes the teacher's mantra year in and year out. And this freebie poster is all about history and from the very reputable National History Education Clearinghouse. Just follow the link, and fill out the form to get this very useful classroom tool.

- Teachers Speak Out Of Turn
Teachers speak out of turn. I encourage everybody to check out this article in today's USA Today. It features K-12 teachers who actively blog. Several history bloggers are included. In fact, the most prominently featured blogger is elementaryhistoryteacher...

- Were There Blog Enough And Time
Were There Blog Enough and Time. This is an informative article by Ralph E. Luker. In it, he gives a long list of historians who are currently keeping history blogs with links to the actual blogs. I highly encourage readers of this blog to go exploring...

- Become An Ap Grader
Right now I am in Salt Lake City grading AP exams.  I have been grading for years and really enjoy it.  I started and continue to come because it does help you teach your students how to better master the free response questions on an AP exam....

- Seventeen Moments In Soviet History: An Online Archive Of Primary Sources
David Korfhage just tweeted this excellent site on Soviet history. The caption for the poster above is "Throw the Kulaks out of the Kolkhozes!" The site is organized by year. Click on 1929 and you'll find short essays, primary sources, and photographs...

- Remind101 Iphone App
One of the sites that I have loved this year is which lets teachers text (without ever knowing the kids' phone numbers) reminders for assignments, tests, etc.  I always set it at the time I make the assignment as you can set the...

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