Most Hit Sites in September
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Most Hit Sites in September

Hard to believe the first month of school is already over.  As always thanks for coming to this blog page.  We had 42,000+ page views (including the US and government blogs) last month including 14,000 on this site alone   The top three for this page were:
  • Time Maps was a huge item to hit on this month as it gives your students to look up anything you are studying and see maps to correspond to the learning. 
  • Pre-history Web Quest - this was personally nice for me that so many of you were curious what my students are (or were) doing in class.  To make a copy, just go to file and then "make a copy."  You do have to have Google Drive to do it. 
  • Drawing a Map Using Google Drive I love this one since it came partially from one of my ninth graders last year. 

- Catching Cheating Using Google Drive
Now that Google Classroom is finally getting better than using Google Drive, I will tell you how to catch cheating in Google Classroom later in the fall, but for now if your students turn in assignments using Google Drive below is a very quick video showing...

- Changes In Google Drive
This gives you a quick overview of how to do the main items in Google Drive be it on your laptop or smartphone.  Later this summer I will post a five minute film on how to do everything you will need in Google Drive for your school year.  For...

- Google Drive Templates
My son is working on an assignment on Jamestown (4th grade history in VA is VA history) and is writing a newspaper account about 1619.   So we found this link to Google Drive documents' templates.  But it also has links to Presentations...

- 63,000 Page Views Last Month & 4200 Posts To Search
We had a nice bump up last month from a previous high of 48,000 page views to a new record of63,000 (in part thanks to this article that was reproduced in a ton of news sources and school districts).   So to our new viewers please know that between...

- Google Drive For Your Digital Educational Backpack
Call me crazy, but I now have everything digital item (and I no longer own paper) in my Google Drive site.  Not only is it as dynamic as I need, but I can get it on my smartphone, tablet or computer.  I can also share items (including entire...

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