Monthly Most Hit Posts for World History Teachers' Blog
World History

Monthly Most Hit Posts for World History Teachers' Blog

Thanks to all of the new visitors to the three blogs (US, world and government) as we now have a new monthly record of 65,000 page views.  The most hit for the world history teachers' blog are:
  • World history review in 12 minutes (and above)
  • Outline of world history course with key pictures
  • Movie map of Europe's changes since 1000

- Moving To New Digital Challenges
This may come as a surprise to many of my readers, but today is the first day in almost 25 years that I won't be in a brick and mortar classroom.  It was a bittersweet last two days with my students as I have an amazing bunch of kids (two classes...

- Search For Ideas On My Blogs
I was on a Facebook page for teachers the other day and one of the educators mentioned using my site to search for lesson plans and ideas.  It made me smile as that is exactly one of the uses for this page.  Consider that between my four blogs...

- Welcome To The Teacher Blogs
Welcome to the World History Teachers' blog.  It and the US History Teachers' and US Government Teachers' blogs have been around for 5-1/2 years now and have 4200 posts between them and 65,000+ pageviews...

- 63,000 Page Views Last Month & 4200 Posts To Search
We had a nice bump up last month from a previous high of 48,000 page views to a new record of63,000 (in part thanks to this article that was reproduced in a ton of news sources and school districts).   So to our new viewers please know that between...

- Top Posts For The World Blog In October
Thanks to you all we matched our #1 month last year (at the end of the year) of 48,000 page views for this, the government blog and the world one.  The top three posts for the world blog were Living in Rome circa ADE 73Why the...

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