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Make Your Own Puzzles

The Discovery Channel website is so good to us! Check out their Puzzlemaker site to create your own puzzles-- you can make a word search, crossword, cryptogram, hidden message, or several other types of puzzles.

You can create a puzzle to help students review their academic vocabulary for a test, or have students create puzzles to exchange with each other. The site is easy to use, and the puzzle images can be printed out as-is or inserted into a Word document.

- The New York Times Learning Network
Following a link from the Yahoo! Directory, I came upon a great teaching resource. It is the The New York Times Learning Network. It includes free news and education resource for teachers of grades 3-12, their students, and parents. It also includes current...

- Fakebook And Faketweet
If you follow this blog, you know I like Fakebook and FakeTweet which allows students to create facsimiles of Facebook and Twitter without having to create a login/password.  Above is a video on how to create a Fakebook page. On our county in-service...

- A Very Improved Quizlet For Class Review
Quizlet and StudyBlue are two online flashcard sites. A year ago I was very high on StudyBlue but it requires one to have a login/password to see and while I still think, that aside, it is a great review device since it allows for pictures and sound...

- Qwiki Search Engine
If you follow this blog, you know I found out about Qwiki a couple of years ago.  They used to have a browser on their homepage, but after coupling with Bing, they took it down.  It though is a great tool for your student as it incorporates...

- Making Badges For Historic People Or Events
Bighugelabs is really neat site that allows you to make badges, puzzles and other things. I particularly like the badge maker because of its applications in history. I made the badge above in about three minutes and think it might be a neat assignment...

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