James Burke's Connections on YouTube
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James Burke's Connections on YouTube

For those of you who have never partaken of these amazing, swirling journeys through time and space, welcome to James Burke's Connections! Almost magically, Burke weaves a story about the history of science that traverses the globe and spans the millenia. To top it off, Burke sports some of the hippest threads of the late 1970s in the first season and also tends to jump into the frame in an unexpected and often wryly humorous fashion.

Although I think the episodes are difficult to place within a single, high school, World History lesson, they may serve as tools for historical thinking or as extracurricular activities.
This is the James Burke Connections YouTube Channel, and here's a brief intro to the series. Also, this is another portal to a full set of YouTubed episodes for all three seasons. They will surely be a treat if you've never seen them before!

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I leave 2006 with happy news. HBO Rome, the awesome TV series about the last days of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire, will have season two debut on January 14th. Sadly, this may be the final season. Wikipedia notes, "Subsequently...

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Paul Bogus, in his blog, Blogush, guides us through the process of making an RSS Animate style video. Studying the Louisiana Purchase, his class was having trouble digesting the textbook and making important connections. He thought an RSS Animate video...

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Today I am presenting at Lake Braddock High School (Burke, VA) on how to integrate Google Docs into the social studies classroom.  As part of the discussion I will start with the slideshow above.  Can you answer the questions and imagine...

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