'I helped Goering escape hangman'
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'I helped Goering escape hangman'

'I helped Goering escape hangman.' Has the mysterious death of infamous Nazi war criminal Goering been solved? How did he get the cyanide that allowed him to cheat the gallows hours before his scheduled execution? This report from the Times of London offers a strong possibility that the mystery has been solved.

From the site:

A FORMER American guard at the Nuremberg Tribunal claimed yesterday that he had smuggled in the poison that allowed Hermann Goering, Hitler?s second-in-command, to escape the hangman?s noose.

Herbert Lee Stivers, 78, a retired sheet-metal worker from Hesperia, California, broke almost six decades of silence to appear to solve one of the great mysteries of the Second World War.

?I gave it to him,? Mr Stivers, a former US Army private, told the Los Angeles Times. He said he smuggled the cyanide capsule to Goering after befriending a beautiful, dark-haired German woman outside the court.

Goering committed suicide in his cell in a military prison on October 15, 1946, just hours before he was to be executed for war crimes. The commission that investigated his death found that he had taken his own life by swallowing potassium cyanide.

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