Get Formative Results Live
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Get Formative Results Live

Formative is a lot like Socrative. Both  use real-time questioning to assess student learning. You compose questions using the program, project a key for students to log in and answer. Instantly, you can see who knows the material.

The big difference between the two programs is that Formative allows you, as the teacher, to instantly provide feedback. While both programs allow students to see their results, only Formative allows the teacher to write feedback to specific students. 

- Using Socrative As A Formative Assessment
If your kids like Kahoot, they will also like Socrative. I plan to try it this fall. Like Kahoot, Socrative is way to get questions to students who can answer with their smart devices. You can develop open ended questions, multiple choice questions,  true...

- Personalizing Classroom Instruction - W&m Presentation
I am presenting at William and Mary's Leadership Academy for administrators and teacher leaders. The institute is based on John Hattie's beliefs (some of which you can see here). The goal is for the administrators to learn how they can lead...

- Join Me In Spain For An In-service
This July 12-13 I am teaching a two day institute on the Mediterranean Sea coast near Marbella in Spain (very near Gibraltar).  The course will be two full days in which where we will be designing lesson plans to personalize learning for your students....

- Three Great Informal Assessment Tools: Socrative, Wallwisher, Today'smeet
Here are excellent step-by-step directions from Richard Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers) on how to use three great informal assessment tools--Socrative--Today's Meet and Wallwisher. Socrative looks especially cool. It's a little like Poll...

- Instant Quiz For Your Students Online And On The Smart Phone
I am teaching a technology integration course right now for teachers (and will be again in the spring if you work in Fairfax County, VA).  One of my students, George Coe, found this new site which is similar to  Both all...

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