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Bibliografía Mesoamericana

Bibliografía Mesoamericana. Provides 100,000 titles relating to ancient cultures of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador.

From the site:

In recent decades there has been a great increase in the scholarly production pertaining to Mesoamerica. For the period 1514-1960, Ignacio Bernal?s volume, "Bibliografía de Arqueología e Etnografía: Mesoamérica y Norte de México, 1514-1960" lists nearly 15,000 entries. Projections estimate that at least another 20,000 items have been published between 1960 and 1999. As there has not been a corresponding increase in the quality of bibliographic control over this literature, scholars and students have been left with the time-consuming task of searching a series of selective databases and printed bibliographies to maintain a current awareness of pertinent publishing.

The Bibliografía Mesoamericana, jointly supervised by John Weeks of the Museum Library of the University of Pennsylvania and Sandra Noble of the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. (FAMSI), provides a comprehensive and continually updated bibliographic dataset of the published literature pertaining to the anthropology of Mesoamerica. Content includes archaeology, ethnography, ethnohistory, art history, linguistics, physical anthropology, and other related disciplines.

- Southeastern Periphery Of Mesoamerica
Southeastern Periphery of Mesoamerica Southeastern Mesoamerica has been so little understood that even the two Mayan sites in the area, Copán and Quirigua, which flowered from the fifth to the ninth centuries, were thought of as the creations of itinerant...

- Nahua (nahuatl)
NahuaWhile Nahua, or Nahuatl, is the primary Mesoamerican linguistic group, its origins are actually in North America, where the first speakers of the language originated. It is from the general linguistic family known as the Uto-Aztecan, one of several...

- Popul Vuh
Popul VuhIn 1908, Lewis Spence, one of the foremost scholars of myth and religion of his day, said of the Popul Vuh, “There is no document of greater importance to the study of the pre-Columbian mythology of America than the Popol Vuh. It is the...

- Four Stone Hearth
While perusing the excellent Cliopatria History Blogroll, I found another good history related carnival. It is Four Stone Hearth, an anthropology blog carnival. Here is a description from the site: The Four Stone Hearth is a blog carnival that specializes...

- European Association Of Mayanists (wayeb)
European Association of Mayanists (Wayeb) - Interdisciplinary organization of European scholars, students, and amateurs developing and promoting research on the ancient civilization of the Maya. Site includes conference and event announcements; links,...

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