Battles BC on the History Channel
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Battles BC on the History Channel

This is over some ancient history, but what a way to get students to perk their ears up. History Channel has created a series detailing ancient battles. What is great about it is that there is some acting/drama that students will enjoy and it goes through the logistics of the battle as well.

Battles BC

- Hannibal: The Annihilator
The History Channel has a new series. And amazingly, it has nothing to do with the occult, monsters, UFOs, or Hitler! It is called Battles BC. The first episode was on last night and it was titled Hannibal: The Annihilator. Here is a description from...

- Battles And Routes Of Alexander The Great
OK, I have to admit it. Google Earth is really cool. Not only can you use it to see who may have been parking in front of the homes of people you know, you can make some interesting history tools. Battles and Routes of Alexander the Great is a real nice...

- Civil War Animated
I spent a pleasant hour today at a website titled Civil War Animated. The site depicts key land battles of the American Civil War using animation. The animation was colorful, was annotated, and left me a good sense of the history of each battle I examined....

- History Channel
History Channel. I recently dumped my cable and picked up satellite tv. In the process, I discovered that there is more than one History Channel! There is also History International, History Channel en Espanol, and the Military History Channel. I find...

- Salt: A Brief Big History On Tv
Program your VCR for what looks like a great series. The H2 channel will premiere a 16 part series on salt this Saturday at 10 PM. The H2 channel is an extension of the History Channel. Here's how AP New summarizes the series: "The series uses science...

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