AP World Review
World History

AP World Review

Here are some review pages for AP World History. Some are teacher pages with unit notes, others are notes based on some of the AP World textbooks like Stearns. One of links is a nice PowerPoint reviewing the DBQ. Another good link is a quizlet with almost 1400 terms.
  1. AP World Flashcards on Quizlet
  2. Ms. Burnett's AP World History page with notes on each chapter of Stearn's AP World textbook. 
  3. Another nice page with notes from each era of history. Another great site with notes grouped by the five units in AP World 
  4. Essay Writer's Handbook from McGraw Hill. This is supposed to be very good.
  5. Slideshare on how to nail the DBQ

- Quizlet For Review
After each unit I talk to my students about how to review for their test - which I point out should be over several days and not just involve reading a study guide. One of the methods I also give them is a link to Quizlet which has a number of completed...

- Study Notes For Outlines
Mary Ward is going to be posting some ideas on my government blog and so from here I learned about Study Notes which has outlines for each chapter of world history. Obviously it is getting harder and harder for students to be assigned the traditional...

- Quizlet For Review Games
As I like to tell my students, just completing the review guide is not actually studying.  Sure they say it is until I ask them how they know if they know the material.  That is why I link Quizlet cards to our units.  Above you can see...

- Evernote App For Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer
Yesterday I spent some time with my new friend, Evernote, which is why I was delighted when I went to FreeTech4Teachers this morning and found the video above on its new features.  Evernote is an app that lets you take notes, clip webpages and even...

- Note Taking - What Is The Best Way?
While I have a lot of less traditional ways of teaching (in case you haven't figured it out from my blogs), I still do have the kids do some note taking.  Here I have struggled in asking whether or not even this part of my teaching is up with...

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